Hidden Galaxies

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If you haven’t seen Powers of Ten, a short yet legendary masterpiece check it out of youtube. Here is another short film showing another hidden and beautiful world that exists all around us each day.

Yann Kebbi

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Using colored pencil and water color illustrator Yann Kebbi. He’s worked for The New York Times and other well-known publications. Although his style is loose it remains lucid.






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Designer and illustrator Mac Conner is a real-life Mad Men who worked for years for The Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping.

Part of Neeley Associates, he worked on advertising for clients as diverse as United Airlines, U.S. Army Recruiting, General Motors and Greyhound Lines WWII Navy training ads and posters and is considered one the the greats whose legacy and influence is still felt today.

Mac Conner: A New York Life opens at the Museum of the City of New York on 10 September.







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Friday Diptych: You Left All Too Soon  by Ophelia Chong

BLM029769 Vladimir Serov  BLD122144 John Lund

BLM029769 Vladimir Serov
BLD122144 John Lund

Hisashi Okawa

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From Tokyo, illustrator Hisashi Okawa here are some of his recent work. He has been commissioned from the likes of Bayerische Straatsballett, the Debrief, and Apartamento.

1113tumblr_mpgzznJycS1qi7unpo1_r1_1280tumblr_mpgn9cAzfK1qi7unpo1_1280123467 910



Joshua Mays

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Oakland, California is in for a big make over in the next two months by painter, and muralist Joshua Mays.

“When I was a lot younger I would torture myself with trying certain things and failing and trying and failing and being frustrated that I wasn’t the particular artist that I wanted to be at that point in time. But I think you get to a point also where you just discover that you’re only going to be you and whatever comes out of you is your style so you just accept it. And have fun enjoying the fact that you can create and pass time creating.”






Noa Raviv

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Young Israeli fashion designer Noa Raviv has already made a name for herself with her stunning collection entitled “Hard Copy.” Using 3-D modeling software she has created some very unique patterns. She says that she was interested in this intersection between architecture, sculpture and haute couture.






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