Jeremy Mann

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post st downpour

San Francisco painter Jeremy Mann  envisions a cityscape  reminiscent of those created in the seminal sci-fi film Bladerunner. His use of color is uniwue and sublime. Here are a selection of recent paintings from cities including New York and San Francisco.



Times-Square-LightsThe-Last-Light-of-San-FranciscoManhattan-NightsLos Angeles7th-Avenue-NightBryant Sreet BarcitylightsHells-KitchenHudson River Nightrooftopsunset by union squareThe-City-TempestThe-Last-Light-of-San-Franciscounion square in yellow





Max Capacity

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If your old enough or just curious then you’ll all ready know about the cult TV show from the 80′s called Max Headroom.  I’m only assuming but it seems a good guess that the artist known as Max Capacity knows this as well. Like that seminal show Max Capacity’s work revolves around digitally distorted video images that use vibrant, unearthly colors as a trademark.






Courtney Barnett

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Singer songwriter Courtney Barnett hails from Melbourne, Australia. She’s become an indie darling of sorts recently covered positively in Pitchfork and also invited to the Pitchfork Music Festival (see below). With a tight three piece band Barnett weaves her dead-panned stories through her rambling songs. Very catchy stuff and with the release of her newest album (a compilation of two earlier self-released Eps) entitled The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas,  she is poised for much exposure here in the States.

Having discovered Barnett and Angel Olsen at the same time I cannot help but compare them. While Barnett’s lyrics have a shambolic charm and  they tell great stories, she’s more of a literal minded artist, while Angel Olsen’s lyrics are literary and quite simply genius. Check out the videos below to get a better sense of this very talented, young Aussie musician.













Sun City

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Peter Granser has an affinity for finding the pathos in growing old. His book entitled Sun City records life in this planned community that was specifically designed to create a self-contained world for the retired and the elderly.  Sun City is in Arizona although many of these images make it seem as if it could be a retirement community anywhere in Florida.

We also have included several images from a series he did in his book about the effects and ravages of Alzheimer’s disease.

juxtapoz-Peter-Granser1026_zwei bowler032_vorgarten-8-frontyard-8050_paar im pool 2_couple in a pool 2alzheimer_observation 15alzheimer_portrait 19juxtapoz-Peter-Granser2juxtapoz-Peter-Granser5juxtapoz-Peter-Granser6juxtapoz-Peter-Granser8juxtapoz-Peter-Granser9PG_03juxtapoz-Peter-Granser10peter-granser-alzheimer_Portrait-03PeterGranser04





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Forming idioms using dual images Beth Galton has created a whimsical project. A Drop IN The Bucket is an easy one. See if you can’t discern the rest.

 Beth Galton, along with Charlotte Omnès, is known for her Cut Food series which we have now featured twice here on Blend Blog.



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Pleiades: Dance Performance by Japanese troupe Enra. Directed by Nobuyuki Hanabusa, the routine was performed and choreographed by Saya Watatani and Maki Yokoyama, and the animation was done by Seiya Ishii.

Smithsonian Contest

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Cinque Terre in Italy, by Dina Bova

Cinque Terre in Italy, by Dina Bova

The finalists for Smithsonian Magazine’s 11th Annual Photo Contest have just been announced. As always with this contest there are some wonderful images chosen that were taken all over the world. Ten photographs were selected in each of six categories: Travel, People, Altered Images, Natural World and a new category called Mobile.

In addition to the juried votes, the contest is open for a Readers’ Choice vote. Be sure to check out all of the other spectacular finalists and vote for your favorite images here, from now until May 6.









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