Red | Egene Koo

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Red is one of the most difficult colors to use in painting, mainly because it so dominates the picture plane and draws attention away from other aspects of the work. Korean artist Egene Koo embraces the use of red in her densely rendered paintings that operate on allegorical levels. Her greatest inspiration comes from Korean fairytales.




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Tuesday Diptych: Who wants to play? by Ophelia Chong

MEM001402  Jacqueline Veissid BLM028781 Chris Clor

MEM001402 Jacqueline Veissid
BLM028781 Chris Clor

Soul in Feet

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Russian ballet dancer Darian Volkova recently took up photography and in this, her ongoing project entitled Soul in Feet, she gives us a dancer’s eye view of her world.





Rocio Montoya

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Rocio Montoya a Spain-based creative, is a well-rounded artist proficient in photography, graphic & web design as well as an editor. She can ad collage to her list of talents as we see in the images shown below.





Berlin | Diane Meyer

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US-based artist and photographer Diane Meyer’s newest project she calls, simply, Berlin is a record of that somewhat stark city. Stark because it was flattened in WWII and rebuilt using mostly ugly concrete. But Meyer does something unique and brings her own sense of warmth and character to her prints by using cross-stitch embroidery sewn directly on the prints to recreate a symbolic wall where the real Berlin wall once stood.

Diane Meyer states: “The images were taken in the city center as well as in the suburbs where I followed the former path of the Berlin Wall. I was particularly interested in photographing locations where no visible traces of the actual wall remain, but in which there are subtle clues of its previous existence. These clues include incongruities in the architecture that occurred as new structures were built on newly opened land parcels, changes in street lights or newer vegetation. In addition to the physical aspects that point to the former division of the city, I am interested in the psychological weight of these sites. In many of the images, the embroidered sections of the photograph represent the exact scale and location of the former Wall offering a pixelated view of what lies behind. In this way, the embroidery becomes a trace in the landscape of something that no longer exists, but is a weight on history and memory. As the embroidery takes the form of digital pixilation, I am making a connection between forgetting and digital file corruption. The embroidery emphasizes the unnatural boundaries created by the wall itself and provides a literal contrast to the concrete of the wall and a metaphorical contrast to its symbolism.”





Collage Art

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Collage artist Patrick Bremer studied painting at Wimbledon College of Art in London and currently lives and works in Berlin.






Street Artist 1010

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German street artist 1010 has done recent work for an contemporary art festival in Hamburg entitled Knotempunkt.

Affenfaust Galerie states about 1010: “His art deals with language, symbols and signs, with automatism of perception and the structures of society. In his paperworks he purposely uses a beautiful aesthetic to bring critical topics to the viewers attention. He lures the eye skilfully along well-balanced color shades deep down in an illusory black chasm. In his monochrome acrylic paintings of birdworms, he creates a rather dark atmosphere with these dark convolving creatures. 1010 i a conceptualist. His art doesn’t explain itself. An elaborate system underlies it, which evolved over the last years.”

Hashimoto Contemporary gallery in San Francisco just announced that their next exhibition will be the US debut solo show of 1010.




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