Ok, Cats

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So it had to happen sooner or later that Blend Blog would feature cats and here we are with work from Serbian artist Endre Penovác. Using only ink and water Penovac manages to capture the essence of the feline form. You can see more of his recent work on Facebook and Saatchi Art.

1620481_772679299495624_2969279239106351033_n 1897717_777637738999780_6307926545432702387_n 10389973_811353212294899_1111134321996385375_n 10393818_773798212717066_4689192266951310630_n 10984105_795086287254925_5199082283307417774_n 11203172_804181253012095_4768640384103064436_n ink-1 ink-2 ink-3 ink-4 ink-5 ink-6 ink-8 ink-9

Container Art

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Mary Iverson uses found photography to create her part painting, part collage works She says of her work, “My paintings are colorful abstractions that spring from the theme of the industrial shipping terminal. The canvases feature mass accumulations of shipping containers and container cranes in various perspectives. My work employs a network of searching perspective lines and layers of interlocking, colorful planes and rectangles that suggest both deep space and flat surface.”

Iverson received her MFA in Painting from the University of Washington in 2002 and currently teaches painting and drawing at Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon, WA as a tenured faculty member. Iverson has two upcoming October exhibitions, one at Gallery FB69 in Munster, Germany and another at G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle. Check out more images of Iverson’s work on her Instagram here.

detail Grand-Canyon-8-x-10-inches-collage-on-panel-2010-Iverson Mary_Iverson_Fleet_12x12_collage_2014_sm.jpg Mary_Iverson_Glacier_12x12_collage_2014_sm.jpg Mary_Iverson_NaturePreserveChina_12x12_collage_2014_sm.jpg Mary_Iverson_SceneTwoChinaWall_12x12_collage_2014_sm.jpg Mary_Iverson_ShipbreakingTorreyPines_32x50_oil_2014_sm Mary_Iverson_TipsooAfter_12x12_oil_2014_sm.jpg Mary_Iverson_TorreyPinesContainers_32x50_oil_2014_sm.jpg Moscow, Mary Iverson Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast with Containers, 48 x 72, 2009 Settlement12-x-12-inches-acrylic-ink-found-photograph-on-panel-2014 Shipbreaking, Yosemite Valley_sm Valley-8-x-10-collage-on-panel-2010-Iverson Yosemite Falls with Containers



Greek Graffiti

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Here we have a collection of graffiti found on the walls in the city of Athens, Greece that comment directly on the ongoing and relentless economic downfall being forced on the cradle of democracy. Athens is famous for it’s graffiti. Via: Art Net

Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-03 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-04 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-07 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-10 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-11 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-12 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-13 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-14 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-15 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-16 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-17 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-18 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-19 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-20 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-23 Greece-Bailout-Graffiti-25


New Music

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No Joy

Hailing from Montreal No Joy just keeps getting better and better and their new album More Faithful is their best yet. Yes, you’ve heard this sort of thing before with My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins and Slow Dive. But to be labeled as Shoegaze means more than just staring down at all your guitar effects. Fronted by Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyds vocals and guitar No Joy have managed to carve out their own and original take on the genre. Rather than the a wall of noise and feedback or looping, reversed guitar, No Joy write great and catchy songs. Check out the video clips below.


New Music

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Francesca Belmonte is best known as the singer and collaborator with Tricky on some if not all of his greatest albums. For his part Tricky has been talking up Anima Belmonte’s brand new album every chance he gets and not just because he sings on some tracks and is a co-producer. He really respects Belmonte as an artist in her own right. His influence on her sound is obvious but all throughout Anima Belmonte creates track after track of slinky trip-hopish songs that stick in your head. Great stuff. A rare work through and through.



Hands At Work

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Indonesia-based creative Romo Jack has a project called #whatmyhandsdoing that shows the artist doing various tasks shot from the same vantage point (bird’s eye).

“Just like how my eyes are always seeing from the time I wake up from bed to the time I fall back asleep, my hands are also doing something every second,” he tells theInstagram blog. “There might be thousands, even millions of things our hands have got to do.”

“I believe they can be recreated into something more valuable, and the important thing is to collect them first. I found out that you don’t need to spend too much time just imagining about a concept, which might lead you to do nothing in the end. The more important thing is to take a look around us and just do it!”

Romo_Jack_1 Romo_Jack_2 Romo_Jack_3 Romo_Jack_4 Romo_Jack_5 Romo_Jack_6 Romo_Jack_7 Romo_Jack_8 Romo_Jack_9 Romo_Jack_10 Romo_Jack_11





Nippon Dreams

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Saitama-based artist Tenmyouya Hisashi calls his paintings “Neo Nihonga” and what that means is that he quotes from traditionalist Japanese painting techniques but adds in western elements.

In 2010, Tenmyouya proposed a new art concept called Basara, referring to an aestheticization of defiance, extending from the “outlaw samurais” of the Nanboku dynasty era to the youth subcultures of present-day Japan. As written on his website, Tenmyouya seeks through his art to bring back the vibrant “sun” in Japanese art, where before it was relegated as the passive “moon”:

“Basara aims to reverse traditional values in order to restore the fertile light of the sun that originally characterized Japanese art. It is at once an attempt to claim back through relativization within Japanese art—rather than by comparison with the outside—the diversity that it is supposed to abound in so much more.” (Source)

1-5_2015-04-25 3pcs 5.1_2015-04-26 archery_d1 bunshin butouha_irezumi fighting jb k36_1 k36_2 k36_3 kylin parapara rhyme_l rhyme1 rhyme2_2_bruta ryujin syuukyuu top_in


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