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Young photographer Evan James Atwood‘s series ‘Rain Water’ shows off his budding talents with his portraits of young men floating or perhaps drowning in water. There’s been a lot of this underwater, or half in and half out of the water photography lately and Atwood’s contribution is inspiring.

Evan_James-Atwood_Rainwater_02 Evan_James-Atwood_Rainwater_03 Evan_James-Atwood_Rainwater_04 Evan_James-Atwood_Rainwater_05 Evan_James-Atwood_Rainwater_06 Evan_James-Atwood_Rainwater_07



White Helmets

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The White Helmets is a new series from photographer Jean-Baptiste Courtier which chronicle’s the non-Photoshopped stunts of a group of British soldiers who have been doing this since 1927. The stunt drivers are members of the Royal Signals, the British Army Corps responsible for battlefield communications and information systems.

They perform using Triumph 750cc motorcycles.

jean_baptiste_courtier_white_Helmet_01 jean_baptiste_courtier_white_Helmet_02 jean_baptiste_courtier_white_Helmet_04 jean_baptiste_courtier_white_Helmet_05 jean_baptiste_courtier_white_Helmet_06 jean_baptiste_courtier_white_Helmet_07 jean_baptiste_courtier_white_Helmet_08 jean_baptiste_courtier_white_Helmet_09 jean_baptiste_courtier_white_Helmet_10



Keep It Simple

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Artist Benedetto Demaio likes to keep it simple in this series where simple juxtapositions and color arrangement rule the day.

He states: “Whenever I find shelter in the colors I feel protected. I feel safe inside colors. Colors are my protection against everything bad. Let the colors live together, be quiet and listen to their voices… It’s a simple and wonderful choir. This is the music I love!” You can see much more of his works over here.

benedettodemaio_Instagram_01 benedettodemaio_Instagram_02 benedettodemaio_Instagram_03 benedettodemaio_Instagram_04 benedettodemaio_Instagram_05 benedettodemaio_Instagram_06 benedettodemaio_Instagram_07 benedettodemaio_Instagram_08 benedettodemaio_Instagram_09 benedettodemaio_Instagram_10 benedettodemaio_Instagram_11 benedettodemaio_Instagram_13 benedettodemaio_Instagram_14 benedettodemaio_Instagram_15 benedettodemaio_Instagram_16


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Ukrainian designer Alexey Kondakov is known for his public disruptions, placing large-scale copies of masterpiece paintings onto the sides of buildings, over passes, street lamps, bringing the art to the people–to the street. Here is a series he is working on entitled 2 Reality wherein Kondakov places scenes from classic paintings onto images of subways, coffee shops, all situated in his hometown of Kiev.

Alexey-Kondakov-01 Alexey-Kondakov-02 Alexey-Kondakov-03 Alexey-Kondakov-04 Alexey-Kondakov-05 Alexey-Kondakov-06 Alexey-Kondakov-07 Alexey-Kondakov-08 Alexey-Kondakov-09 Alexey-Kondakov-10 Alexey-Kondakov-11


Mosaic Collage

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Italian artist Paola Bazz has resurrected the ancient art of the mosaic using only recycled magazines to create these three-dimensional collages.

“The use of printed paper recycled from magazines, newspapers, and catalogues characterises much of my artistic production and is the central theme of my work. Printed paper, with its enormous power of communication, is reinterpreted, re-used and transformed into new works, questioning both the past lives and future possibilities of this material.”

9c85fe_5a384a3de9884669a7bd643975f52927.jpg_srb_p_600_579_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 9c85fe_56c58bcfafaa614c4e8527d98858b7c0.jpg_srb_p_964_332_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

1156 colors byr- detail 1-2

1156 colors byr- detail 1-2

1156 colors byg

1156 colors byg

9c85fe_a97e9613755d0aba84f9497acc8cd42d.jpg_srb_p_600_579_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 9c85fe_e830cdf1537dc217fc84be1d7a2dcb69.jpg_srb_p_600_579_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 paola-bazz-02 paola-bazz-03 paola-bazz-04 paola-bazz-05 paola-bazz-06 paola-bazz-07 paola-bazz-08 paola-bazz-09 paola-bazz-11



Japan in Color

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Photographer Felice Beato took these images Edo-era Japan which are on view at the London Photograph Fair. The images are owned by Galerie Verdeau in Paris and were all taken in 1863- to 1877 and were then painstakingly hand colored. Considered one of the first photojournalist ever Beato was given free reign by the Shogunate to travel wherever he wished.

Felice-Beato-01 Felice-Beato-02 Felice-Beato-03 Felice-Beato-04 Felice-Beato-05 Felice-Beato-06 Felice-Beato-07 Felice-Beato-08 Felice-Beato-09-1 Felice-Beato-09 Felice-Beato-10



21 Days Later

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Photographer Anand Varma teamed up with the bee lab at UC Davis to create a 60-second clip that shows the entire gestation period from egg to a young bee emerging from the honey-comb.

“The primary goal in photographing the bees was to learn how they interact with an invasive parasitic mite that has quickly become the greatest threat to bee colonies. Scientists have learned to breed mite-resistant bees which they are now trying to introduce into the wild.”

TED talk included below.




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