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Petra Börner is a Swedish illustrator and paper-cut artist whose work is nothing short of breathtaking. She grew up in a family of doctors and in fact her very first commission illustrating medical journals. Petra has many commissions including textile design for Louis Vuitton, book covers, notebooks, runway fashion textiles and stationary. She recently signed to creative agency Hugo & Marie. Really remarkable work.






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Thomas Medicus has spent a long time developing a rotating glass sculpture that contains four invisible anamorphic paintings. Using 160 glass hand-painted strips that reveal several images. You can see it working in the video below.


Elena Fortunati

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Elena Fortunati lives and studies in Rome. She has a natural eye for composition and color, not to mention a great sense of juxtaposition.

You can also follow her on her Facebook.

Elena-Fortunati_04Elena-Fortunati_11Elena-Fortunati_02 Elena-Fortunati_03 Elena-Fortunati_05Elena-Fortunati_06Elena-Fortunati_07Elena-Fortunati_08Elena-Fortunati_09Elena-Fortunati_10Elena-Fortunati_12Elena-Fortunati_13Elena-Fortunati_14Elena-Fortunati_15Elena-Fortunati_16





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Alessandro Gottordo aka SHOUT is an  Italian-born graphic designer and artist who has quite a beautiful portfolio of work. She has just released a book of her mostly commissioned work that she has completed over the last for year. The book will be available on October 25 at 279Editions’s website. Here are some of our favorites. They’re what you can expect to find inside.






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Friday Diptych: Flight by Ophelia Chong

MEM001232  Ronnie Kaufman/Larry Hirshowitz BLM029770  Vladimir Serov/Blend

MEM001232 Ronnie Kaufman/Larry Hirshowitz
BLM029770 Vladimir Serov/Blend

Snow White

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Sanne De Wilde is a Flemish photographer uses people with albinism  for her series Snow White.

She states: “Like photographic material, people with albinism are light sensitive. Light leaves an irreversible imprint on their body. This whiteness that makes them stand out, when captured in an image, almost makes them dissolve, consumed by the light. Their eyes can hardly bear it. Nevertheless they have the power to look back at us, the viewer, and embody a human-mirror. They are a metaphor, a symbol for stereotypes, they magnify the erroneous idea of human weaknesses and physical fragility but also that of an invincible strength. Touched by their breath-taking beauty, in this series, I try to create a powerful impression of this fragile snow white.”






Sherry Wolf

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Here are a few new paintings by artist Sherry Wolf who combines the early century Modernist painters such as Mondrian  with subjects dressed in the same patterns. Very psychedelic and swinging Sixtes.






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