Hover Cars

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French designer Sylvain Viau uses digital editing to create these flying Star Wars like classic cars.

Because of their classic space-age Viau usually worked only with 80s Citroën vehicles because of their classic space-age design, but now he has added  Peugeot, Toyota, and Renault to the mix. You can see many more here.

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Optical Illusions

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Felice Varini is a Swiss artist with a new solo exhibition called  “La Villette En Suites”  which contains anamorphic, geometric designs that are created to be viewed from a single location. These large-scale installations have been installed around the Grande halle de la Villette within Parc de la Villette through September 13, 2015. You can see more views of the exhibition on StreetArtNews, and follow Varini directly on Facebook.

10414599_745728622136390_3178965977888562676_n proj-02b proj-02c varini-2 varini-3 varini-4-1 varini-4 varini-5 varini-6 varini-7 varini-8 varini-9


Weird Nature

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An stunning and (somewhat creepy) nature video compilation edited by Roen Horn using found footage from various BBC and National Geographic clips including BBC’s Life, World’s Weirdest, and BBC Weird Nature. The song is “Hello Tomorrow” by Karen O.






Cabin In The Forest

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Tomek Michalski has created his own ideal meditative Cabin in the Forest.

My first architectural concept. The vision of the place to clear one’s head targeted at the individuals who need rest, seclusion from other people, the world and daily life. A cold, misty forest in the context of a warm space of seclusion is supposed to help and shape character, as well as invoke emotions and willingness to ponder. Both the building itself and the interiors will be designed to affect the flora and fauna as little as possible.

cabin_wood_c1_s cabin_wood_c2_s cabin_wood_c4_s cabin_wood_c6_s cabin_wood_c7_s cabin_wood_c9_s pierwszy_plan pierwszy_plan




Washed Up

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Artist Alejandro Duran follows in a long tradition of land art including such luminaries as Goldsworthy and Smithson in his series entitled “Washed Up” a site specific collection of outdoor installations.

Speaking about the project Alejandro says, “Conflating the hand of man and nature, at times I distribute the objects the way the waves would; at other times, the plastic takes on the shape of algae, roots, rivers, or fruit, reflecting the infiltration of plastics into the natural environment.”

Amanecer Jugo de Manglar 001 Cepillos 005 Cocos duran duran3 duran4 duran6 Rayo Vena




No Shadows

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In his “Yellow River” series, which we have featured here on Blend Blog Chinese photographer Zhang Kechun has shown a keen eye for the monumental changes taking place in his home country. In this new series entitled “Between the Mountains and Water” Kechun continues this tradition. The title of this post “No Shadows” comes from the fact that nearly all of these images are taken when the skies are full of toxic smoke and dust, a by product of heavy industry and manufacturing as well as low quality coal-fired energy plants This is an ancient land under going enormous change, all under a sky without shadows.

鍥惧儚 009 鍥惧儚 005 zhang-kechun-01 zhang-kechun-02 zhang-kechun-03 zhang-kechun-04 zhang-kechun-05 zhang-kechun-06 zhang-kechun-08 zhang-kechun-09 zhang-kechun-10 zhang-kechun-11

Innocence Lost

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Suman is 5 years old, collects waste sandals with his mother and sells them to the traders.

Suman is 5 years old, collects waste sandals with his mother and sells them to the traders.

Probal Rashid is a documentary photographer based in Bangladesh, represented by Zuma Press, U.S.A. He completed MBA, and later studied photojournalism from Pathshala, The South Asian Media Academy and Institute of Photography. He also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Photojournalism through a scholarship program of World Press Photo at the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism (Ateneo De Manila University) in Philippines.

His works have been published in many national and international newspapers and magazines like The Forbes, GEO, Days Japan, The Wall Street Journal, Stern, RVA, The Telegraph, Focus magazine, The Dateline, and The Guardian. His photographs exhibited in Bangladesh, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, UK and USA.

“Children are paid less than adults, with many working up to twelve hours a day. Full-time work frequently prevents children from attending school. Long hours, low or no wages, poor food, isolation and hazards in the working environment can severely affect children’s physical and mental health.”

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