Kylli Sparre

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Kylli Sparre is a fine art photographer whose main subject are her own self-portraits. These dance inspired images use outdoor settings: water, ice, mountains and the sea to enhance their creativity. She fuses years of ballet training to good effect. She has a show in Amsterdam next month at Qlickeditions.






Mathematical GIFs

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Dublin-based PhD student Dave Whyte is currently studying physics and has a knack for mathematical GIFs. The artist cum scientist publishes new work on a daily basis on his Tumblr Bees & Bombs.







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Sunday Diptych: I Dreamt of Us

BLD089100 Steve Prezant  CAI002438 Caia Image

BLD089100 Steve Prezant
CAI002438 Caia Image

Ho Fan

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“Award-wining photographer Fan Ho has won 280 awards from international exhibitions and competitions worldwide since 1956. Ho has been elected Fellow of the Photographic Society of America, Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, England; Honorary Member of the Photographic Societies of Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Singapore and etc, and was honored with One-Man-Shows in the above countries. Ho’s works can be seen and have been published in many International Photographic Annuals all over the world.”






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The LA landscape at night as photographed and documented by Amanda Friedman in an ongoing project.


Amanda-Friedman01Amanda-Friedman07Amanda-Friedman1110112411 3010Amanda-Friedman02Amanda-Friedman10Amanda-Friedman09Amanda-Friedman0683581_487





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Saturday Diptych: Emptied Nest.  By Ophelia Chong 

CAI016358 Caia Image  BLM028738 Aliyev Alexei Sergeevich

CAI016358 Caia Image
BLM028738 Aliyev Alexei Sergeevich

Drawing in Space

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New Zealand based sculptor Neil Dawson likes to create floating illustrations as suspended sculpture. His work ranges from drawing in space to much more intricate works.

“There’s something sanctified about a gallery environment because the works are physically and visually static,” Dawson says. “With public sculpture there’s a real dynamism because it’s constantly changing with the light and the elements. The majority of my work has more holes in it than substance – it’s about looking through things, not just at things. There’s always an element of surprise,” he says. “When art is frozen in a gallery, it loses those possibilities.”

dawson3dawson6dawson7eightelevenfourteenglobe (1)seven (1)sixteen (1)tenthirteentwelve




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