Digital Worlds

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Lithuania-born Illustrator Gediminas Pranckevicius constructs his surreal art using digital drawing techniques. From flying pigs, giant trolls, and houses perched in impossible places these illustrations create nearly believable worlds.






Vertical City

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Australian-based photographer Peter Stewart has an amazing portfolio of work that you can see on his website. These images are from a series he calls Stacked where he has photographed one of the most densely populated cities on earth–Hong Kong.

Stewart says, “My passion stems from travel and the desire to visit and document all the amazing places the world has to offer. My goal is simply to create images that make you go ‘wow.’




Organic Embroidery

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We’ve seen a real sense of innovation and discovery in the formerly staid and not known for creativity world of embroidery of late. Wether it is embroidery on photographs or otherwise the work of Australian artist Meredith Woolnough (@meredithwoolnough) takes the art form to a completely new level. Mimicking the glorious organic designs found in nature Woolnough’s work gains substance in the resulting sense of delicacy and fragility.




Kim Keever

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New York-based artist Kim Keever says “I’ve always lived near the water, whether it was the eastern shore of Virginia, Chicago or New York City. There’s a peaceful attraction to the flat rippling surface and the mysteries below. Maybe it’s a stretch but once I started taking photographs of constructed landscapes submerged in water in a 200-gallon aquarium, I realized I had found my signature work as an artist and have continued making and photographing underwater landscapes.”





Villa Am See

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Architect Alexander Diem has created a country villa in the Austrian countryside he calls, Villa Am See, which features intricate wood-pattern designs. Each screen, both interior and exterior are movable and can e open and closed to change the privacy of a room or area.

Embedded in terrace’s floor is a piece by artist Nick Oberthaler, while another artist Plamen Dejanoff created an elaborate entrance door. There are 18-foot high ceilings in the over-sized living room while the kitchen is open and expansive kitchen as well as a completely glassed in bathroom and shower.







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Tuesday Diptych: Weathered Contemplation. By Ophelia Chong

MEM001280 John Lee  BLM029943 Jeremy Woodhouse

MEM001280 John Lee
BLM029943 Jeremy Woodhouse


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“Marquetry is a centuries-old art form that makes use of the broad variety of textures and colors in wood veneer to represent various hues and light values in a picture. The artist cuts various veneers with a knife or a saw and fits the pieces tightly together to form a picture in a single plane which is then glued to a substrate.”

So says the website of Atlanta, Georgia-based artisan Rob Milam who uses this rather ancient technique of marquetry to create these portraits. He likens the process to assembling a puzzle.






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