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Photographer Olive Santaoloria uses the illusion  of being underwater to give her images the look and feel of fluidity.


undercrystalwater-1-900x716 undercrystalwater-3-900x749 undercrystalwater-4-900x777 undercrystalwater-5 undercrystalwater-6-900x639 undercrystalwater-7-900x785 undercrystalwater-8-900x617


Finding The Angles

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Toronto-based photographer Roland Shainidze finds the most stunning compositions in existing architecture.

architecurephotography-Schainidze1 architecurephotography-Schainidze2-900x577 architecurephotography-Schainidze3-900x598 architecurephotography-Schainidze4-900x598 architecurephotography-Schainidze5-900x597 architecurephotography-Schainidze6-900x597 architecurephotography-Schainidze7-900x543 architecurephotography-Schainidze9-900x648 architecurephotography-Schainidze10-900x577


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Korean illustration platform Grafolio recently unveiled a special series of moving illustrations.

grafolio-1 grafolio-3 grafolio-4 grafolio-6 grafolio-10 grafolio-11 grafolio-13

Black Lights

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Russian photographer Slava Thisset likes to play around with the world of fluorescent and neon lights, adding glo-in-the-dark make-up, body painting and exquisite lighting effects.






Optical Spaces

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Peter Kogler is an Austrian artist who uses 3D graphic programs that are built to create illusions across large spaces. He then prints large posters on the walls of galleries and public in huge public installations.

01sete 02marstall 08- 094_Inst_Artelier_2000 1996_051_Inst_Bremen 2006_L_0110_02_toulouse_06 2009_Lissabon_Museo_Berardo_DSC_1166 dirimart2011_1 karlsplatz-kogler-03c kogler-1-900x506 kogler-2-900x606 kogler-3-900x506 kogler-4-900x506 kogler-6-900x600 KOGLER-2132 L_0106_05_Bahnhof_Graz_03 web_thges02




How to Find The Perfect Stock Photo for Social Media

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Blend’s own VP of Creative, Sarah Fix, talks to Agents of Change, Rich Brooks, on the rules of using imagery online and how and where to find the perfect images for your website or latest blogpost.


Listen to the interview and read the transcripts here on Agents of Change.com.

Jet Martinez

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San Francisco’s Jet Martinez is a well known muralist inspired by the rich color palette and floral patterns of Mexican arts and crafts. Martinenz has completed dozens and dozens of murals and was chosen last year to be the first ever artist-in-residence at Facebook.

Martinez is represented by New York City’s Joseph Gross Gallery where he recently has his first solo exhibition.

984315_10152964567618614_681733041993278997_n 10940500_10152964564443614_4907603628652169947_n 10940583_10152964578348614_4518414380300087110_n 10953941_10152964564463614_2683049703341576557_n 10968504_10152991837853614_4682492965964577048_n 11169585_10153161582038614_4040570775739331948_o 12066068_10153573273783614_611121245834964896_n 12068982_10153566237698614_8914085734190751315_o 12088016_10153566245488614_3444294479226358522_n 12105849_10153566245353614_336615586014749553_n 12118622_10153566221158614_3725752355704682439_n 12122858_10153566222458614_3411016360337368987_n Jet2 Jet3 Jet4 Jet6 Jet7



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