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Norse Notes

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The Norwegen government held a design contest in the spring of 2014 for new banknotes. The motif was simply “The Sea.” Two winners were announced with a proposal by The Metric System entitled Norwegian Living Space and Snøhetta‘s Beauty of Boundaries. Norge Bank decided that the Snøhetta’s pixel motifs will be the foundation for the back of the notes, while The Metric System’s design incorporating ocean scenes will be on the front. The first of the new notes will be issued in 2017.

404-20141008162025000000000 405-20141008162027000000000 406-20141008162028000000000 407-20141008162030000000000 Snohetta-Norway-bank-notes-01 Snohetta-Norway-bank-notes-02 Snohetta-Norway-bank-notes-03 Snohetta-Norway-bank-notes-04 Snohetta-Norway-bank-notes-05 Snohetta-Norway-bank-notes-06


Strong. Photographer: Alberto Guglielmi #RightsManaged BLM034073 #blendimages #blendartists

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Dutch fine art painter Alexandra Klimas is worried about what you eat and how what you eat is treated. Seeing cows out in the fields is becoming increasingly rare with the factory farming technique of keeping the cows inside all the time. Ditto with chickens, who often have never seen a blade of grass.


“We live in a world where a child does not know where milk comes from. “Out of a pack” or “out of the shop” would be their answer. Long ago, in the Netherlands you could see a lot of pigs outside. This is already not the case anymore. Many children do not even know what they look like. This is also happening to the cows. You get more and more mega farms where cows are no longer allowed outside to graze. If people choose to buy meat/milk/butter/eggs, then they should also be responsible for giving the animals a better life. In the Netherlands, for example, you can choose what milk you want to buy. Milk from cows that were allowed outside or milk from cows that are always inside. Becoming aware of what you eat and drink in this throwaway society is important.”
Alexandra-Klimas-01 Alexandra-Klimas-02 Alexandra-Klimas-03 Alexandra-Klimas-04 Alexandra-Klimas-06 Alexandra-Klimas-07 Alexandra-Klimas-08 Alexandra-Klimas-09 klimas_koe_maike klimas_koeien_weiland1 klimas_koeien_weiland2 klimas_ontmoeting klimas_weiland_groep


Little Greek Haus

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Santorini island, Greece is home to some of the most beautiful examples of ancient and modern mix architecture. 1864 – The Sea Captain’s House, located in the village of Oia has been converted into a luxury hotel. Once a 19th Century sea captain’s home, the structure was renovated by architecture firm PATSIOS Architecture. Accommodating two to four guests, this suite is floored in white marble with traditional all-white walls.


cavesuite21 patsios1 patsios2 patsios4 patsios5 patsios6 patsios7 patsios8 patsios9 patsios10 patsios12




Palette Marks

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Francoise Nielly is a remarkable painter who has developed a deceptively simple technique using palette knives to build and create these portraits.

Nielly’s newest exposition, entitled Generations, will be released at Galerie Menouar in Paris, France starting October 16th.

big_7f34936478ba8ea35f0de6797e002773 big_cd0131696bb6afd92d7ff5284a82b037 big_e1e1aa8c746b1573be6f173c8804930d neilly1 nielly2 nielly3 nielly4 nielly5 nielly6 nielly7 nielly8 nielly9 nielly12 nielly13 nielly14



Italianate Castle

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Martino Zegwaard is an explorer of lost and abandoned places, especially those such as the Italian castle shown in these photographs at a place he has decided to call Castello di S in order to protect it’s anonymity.

He describes the shoot in an interview:

“The main difficulty of the shoot was the fact that we were one of the first to visit the castle and there were wild stories about an alarm, mafia connected security, and so on and so on. After we pushed each other through a small hole in the wall at the side of the castle at 5 o’clock in the morning, we had to wait for the sun to come up, be careful not to trigger the alarm (which was there), and we had to be as stealth as we possibly could be. The light conditions were very poor and I have to say, this isn’t my best work. Since that time I’ve upgraded my gear dramatically, now using a level, better camera, better lenses, better tripod, better post-processing software and skills. Photoshopping these images now made me realize how much I’ve grown as a photographer since then.” via My Modern Met


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