Strange Ways

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Photographer Robby Cavanaugh sometimes weeks preparing to do a shot. He builds and creates most of the props and backgrounds rather than relying solely on digital effects.



“Besides art, I’m kind of a big nerd. Since I was a kid I’ve always enjoyed Japanese animation and video games. All of these elaborate worlds in these shows and games have provided me a need to create my own realities within my work.”  You can read a long interview with this artist via MyModernMet.

a_watershed_mmm almostnot_mmm dissensionofpyre_mmm expectations_mmm justawish_mmm modernman_mmm morpheusbind_mmm nevercouldsleep_mmm oneofakind_mmm resignation_mmm shaperofdreams_mmm thefleetersfind_mmm thwwindsorknot_mmm




Macro Drops

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Here are some remarkable macro shots of water droplets taken by photographer Ivelina Blagoeva 


22094_427945020711530_6061686091713224571_n 11140254_402439863262046_7410412195105650203_n 11221818_421672118005487_2613245509846916663_n 11401578_413120918860607_198330957225340050_n 11539713_424789091027123_324656948828590727_n blagoeva1 blagoeva2 blagoeva3 blagoeva4 Drop1 Drop3 Drop7 Drop10 Drop11 Drop12




Sandy Sculptures

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The 2015 Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival, which is hosted by the Revere Beach Partnership, on (where else) Revere Beach, which is the oldest public beach in the U.S. recently held their annual sand sculpting contest.

Twenty sculptors were chosen to compete for the 15,000 prize and each was given 10 tons of sand and an 18′ by 18′ square area to work with. Although the contest is spread out of a few days the actual work time permitted is 24 total hours.

The sand sculptures are judged based on the following criteria: 1) degree of difficulty, 2) originality and creativity, 3) quality of sculpting, and 4) overall visual impact.


See My Modern Met for photo sources.

reverebeach0 reverebeach1 reverebeach2 reverebeach4 reverebeach5 reverebeach6 reverebeach7 reverebeach8 sandsculpture2lorenzkong sandsculpture4batch_jillcetel sandsculpture7miss.molly27 sandsculpture8brendaguilart sandsculpture9jillcetel sandsculpture12leenieface sandsculpture13miss.molly27 sandsculpture14miss.molly27




Favela Art

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Germen Crew is a group of street artists who recently collaborated with the Mexican government to create a giant mural on the facade of 200 homes in the Palmitas district of Pachuaca, Mexico. In an attempt at fueling the local economy and uplifting the residents the German Crew hired dozens of residents, including many children to work on the massive project.


before 1920206_603851833089721_7579153089147555217_n 10488763_598255980315973_5511367959601513280_o 11044493_577014042440167_2153397872714122588_n 11137141_568654923276079_5384959855383511305_n 11143586_609179559223615_7714261509767296596_n 11722386_600823123392592_172132635502101103_o 11825724_609619192512985_1000499185035573032_n germen-2 germen-3 germen-4



Love #blendartists #blendimages John Lund

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via Instagram

Skateboard Axes

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Musician, and skateboarder Nick Pourfard, has, at the ripe old age of 22 managed to create a unique brand of guitars. Prisma Guitars guitars are constructed solely from the used decks of old skateboards.


Recently, Pourfard had the honor of building a piece for Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. Pourfard explains, “I took every detail of his playing style and aesthetic into consideration. The bass has an off-white painted alder back with skate top featuring colors as close to West Ham as possible. I laser cut a custom mirror pickguard and bound the whole body in black and white to pay homage to his classic original bass.”

Donate your own used or broken skateboards here.

Working-010Bass-Head-Done+rotated Guitar-003-Body H3A1157 Logo-003 Necks-001 Prisma-006-Front





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Photographer Stephen Orlando uses a unique technique to record the small imperceptible motions that musicians make when they play a variety of instruments. Orlando uses strategically placed LED lights and long exposures to get these shots. He claims to not use digital tricks to conjure his work. We’ve also included some of his canoe rowing captures.

Orlando explains:

A relative motion between the performer and camera must exist for the light trails to move through the frame. I found it easier to move the camera instead of the performer. The LEDs are programmed to change color to convey a sense of time. The progression of time is from left to right in the viola and violin photos and from top to bottom in the cello photos. Each photo is a single exposure and the light trails have not been manipulated in post processing.

See more of Orlando’s lit rainbow pieces on his Instagram and Facebook.

motionexposure_BachCelloSuiteNo.1Prelude motionexposure_Viola1 motionexposure_ViolaSeitzConcertoNo.2-3rdMovement motionexposure_Violin1 motionexposure2_WhitewaterKayak2 motionexposure3_Kayak1 motionexposure5_Canoe1 motionexposure6_Canoe3




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