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Polish photog Maciej Dakowicz abandoned a PhD in computer science technology to instead pursue his dream of photographing the world. Now based in Mumbai, India Dakowicz has a staggering library of snapshots compiled on his Flicker page. We’ve picked out a few of the best, and these are certainly extraordinary, and apologizes in advance for the Flicker watermarks.

In 2012 Dakowicz gained critical praise for his fabulous book entitled Cardiff After Dark, a collection of photographs spanning five years in which he documented the late night alcohol-fueled antics of Cardiff, Wales.

The photographer also teachesphotography workshops where many of his images originate, and is one of the founders of Third Floor Gallery.

Maciej-Dakowicz-PhotographyMaciej-Dakowicz-PhotographyMaciej-Dakowicz-PhotographyMaciej-Dakowicz-PhotographyMaciej-Dakowicz-PhotographyMaciej-Dakowicz-PhotographyMaciej-Dakowicz-PhotographyMaciej-Dakowicz-PhotographyMaciej-Dakowicz-PhotographyMaciej-Dakowicz-Photography dakowicz-4Maciej-Dakowicz-PhotographyMaciej-Dakowicz-PhotographyMaciej-Dakowicz-Photography

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