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Vibrant Landscapes


Justin Kim has a refreshing and colorful style in these extraordinary paintings. They remind me of the work that was done in Brad Bird’s masterpiece film The Iron Giant, which is also located in New England.

11 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_002_565x412 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_003_565x407 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_004_565x404 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_005_565x405 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_005 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_006_565x407 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_007_565x415 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_008_565x408 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_009_565x407 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_010_565x411 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_011_565x411 Kim_Justin_Personal_Work_012_565x418



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  • These are absolutely wonderful. N.

    December 19, 2015 at 2:16 pm

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