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Todd Webb

Todd Webb

American street photographer Todd Webb was born and raised in Detroit. When he bought his first camera in 1938 he discovered a passion as a shooter. He worked as a photographer for the Navy during WWII then made a move to New York and gained the attention and support of Walker Evans and Alfred Stieglitz and his first solo exhibition opened at the Museum of the City of New York in 1946.

“He works with swift precision, directly and honestly recording what he sees. His straightforward, unmanipulated contact prints convey a maximum sense of authenticity and are historical records of obvious documentary value. More than this, they are personal interpretations, through which he has imparted to us warmth of appreciation and the excitement of visual discovery. He brings out the human quality even when the people are absence.”

More than 100 photographs from the Todd Webb Archive on exhibit at the Museum of the City of  New York through September 4, 2017. A City Seen: Todd Webb’s Postwar New York, 1945-1960 also displays Webb’s journal entries alongside his work, giving insight into his mindset as he lived post-war American life.

For those really wanting to delve into Webb’s work, a second exhibition is running concurrently at The Curator Gallery in New York’s Chelsea district.

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