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The Warped Photography of China’s Maleonn

Shanghai-based photographer, Maleonn, is the son of an opera director, who left his job when forced to do manual labor during the “cultural revolution.” He was born in 1972 at a reeducation camp and these harsh beginnings seem to have given him a definite warped look at the world and helped shape his sociopolitical views as an adult..  He only reluctantly calls himself a photographer, although that is what he is left with after his extraordinary experiments. There is the grandiosity of opera in these photographs as well as the obvious nods to Heironymous Bosch and the later work of Cindy Sherman that make his works resonate with a narrative ambiguity. These are elaborate constructions evoking childhood memories, folk tales, and sometimes an inverted take of the posturing of Chinese state heroic realism. Maleonn has emerged as a major cultural figure in 21st Century Shanghai.

Shanghai Huashan Art School-1984-1995
Attached High School to Fine Art College of Shanghai University
Graduated from Fine Art College of Shanghai University, Major in Graphic Design
Engaged in commercial film as Art director and Director
Lives and works in Shanghai, China



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