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The Playground Series

“The Playground Series”, is a collaborative photography project by international artists Francisco Diaz and Deb Young.

The duo’s series is also unique in their revolutionary collaboration process: the two photographers work together but they are an ocean apart with Francisco Diaz based in the USA and Deb Young hailing from New Zealand. Their series is part of an ongoing project they call the “The International Collaboration Project” named after their separation which speaks to the the 21st century digital era that we live in where artists can live remotely and still collaborate from different countries.

“Beneath the surface of “The Playground Series” is an underlying tension cloaked in innocent fun,” the duo write at their website. “We created this series as a visual metaphor for the condition in our highly stratified world where social relationships reflect a low degree of integration and meaningful interaction coupled with a high degree of isolation between individuals in a community environment.”

Each image in “The Playground Series” is fashioned by montaging together dozens of unrelated photographs into a coherent piece that has the feel and look of a single capture. The tension the viewer feels both in the specific imagery and where the works start to seem “less real, unusual” encourages the notion that events in which we are engaged in everyday life, increasingly tend to feel random and disconnected from a community, often with apathy and alienation being the result.

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