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The Girl Store

The Girl Store is a non-profit working to provide education and clothing to poor girls in India.  Only three out of ten girls in India complete school and TGS is hoping to change that. Cultural norms in India mean that it is the male children who are given clothing and encouraged to attend school. For an uneducated Indian girl an arranged marriage at an early age keeps the cycle of poverty in motion.  Many girls are sold into sexual slavery.

The Girl Store works in tandem with the Mahrinda Foundation and the Nanhi Kali Foundation seeking donations to provide girls with shoes, socks, book bags, tutors, and school uniforms. Currently there are 75,000 girls in 9 Indian states who are receiving help. TGS project hopes to reach 5 million girls by 2014.. It costs only 60US to sponsor a girl in grades 1 thru 5 and 90US to sponsor a girl in grades 6 thru 10. The Girl Store site. They also have a store in NYC.

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  • Amazing web-site! Such a worthy organization.

    August 21, 2012 at 11:53 am

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