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Snapshots From Lost Hills

Central Valley of California is our very own fruit and vegetable basket. This part of CAlifornia produces enough food to feed the US and other countries. From the Oakies of the 1930’s to now working this land was back breaking physical labor, now almost wholly done by migrant workers, both citizens and illegals. Like all other immigrants to the US the Spanish speaking workers of the Central Valley still retain their cultural traditions from dances to community work projects. LA-based photographer Sam Comen literally shined a light on this  population of the Chicano and Mexican men and women  He chose to focus on the small community of Lost Hills.

Comen explains some of his inspiration behind the series: “these individuals are living a new iteration of the “Okie” experience so prominent in our national psyche… but because some of Lost Hills’ residents are undocumented immigrants, all are assumed to be, and so may be cut out of their own American dream and denied their place in the American historical record. Lost Hills is about more than illuminating life in the town itself,” Comen said. “It’s a metaphor for today’s American experience.”

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