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Slow Portraits

Here’s a short trailer for the newest collaboration between composer Phillip Glass and filmmaker Godfrey Reggio. Their first work together back in the 80’s ended up becoming a film you may have heard of or seen entitled Koyanisqaatsi, a debut that caught the world’s attention and has gone on to influence the style of many subsequent documentaries.

This new film is shot entirely in black and white the new film is called simply ‘Visitors‘ and takes a different perspective than the famous trilogy by slowing down cuts and edits to the point where the film begins to mimic reality, although this slowing down will test many in the audience’s patience it also sets a new president. In Norway a new form of reality television called Slow TV accomplishes the same thing by eliminating fast editing and camera views to create a new form of experiencing a representation of things as they are. Imagine watching someone knit an entire blanket.


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