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Slit-Scan Distorted Dance Video | The New Gangnam Style?

Adrien-M / Claire B-French-art-studio

This video of two people dancing was created two years ago by French art studio Adrien M / Claire B using Slit-Scan Movie Maker, a Mac app that simulates slit-scan photography. “Slit-scan is a photographic process in which a moving slit is placed between the camera and the subject, causing strange stretching and compression effects. Slit-scan was used to create the stretching Starship Enterprise warp effect for Star Trek: The Next Generation. It used to be a costly mechanical process, but can now be accomplished by software. Slit-Scan Movie Maker is by Trevor Alyn.” The slit-scan movie maker app.

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  • Geniales los vídeos con figuras distorsionadas!! El de la pareja bailando es fantástico!!

    November 12, 2013 at 3:34 pm

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