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Robert Buelteman

Robert Buelteman


 California based artist Robert Buelteman uses camera-free, non-digital processes with flowers, photographic films, electricity and a fiber-optic probe to create his work.

“Robert Buelteman starts his process by picking fresh flowers and plants from a field. He lays them onto a photographic film in darkness after scalping them until they are sheer. He then throws a 80,000 volts current with his car battery, illuminating their unique energy field and exposing the film to their ultraviolet corona.
The artist painstakingly applies the fiber-optic probe, which is the size of a human hair. By tracing over the shapes, some light is reflected, some absorbed, but the light that penetrates the subject exposes the film with the color and form of its’ source. This method requires, for a one successful picture at least 150 tries.” Via Beautiful Decay


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