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Rival Schools | Rock and roll with an edge


Memorable rock and roll is hard to find these days. We’re in the middle of an electro-disco zeitgeist, with a bag of synthsizer tricks and voices often bled through pitch control software. Not that there is anything wrong with that but there are times when it is refreshing to turn to the sort of post-hardcore material that Rival Schools have released in the last decade. Last month they released “Found” which is actually their second album started but not finished back in the early oughts.

This effort finds them in the blistering three guitar attack that is one of the hallmarks of the sound that got them a record contract in the first place. This record finds them  “with a more exploratory guitars and a newly melodic singing approach. Rival Schools took the urgency of the new post-hardcore trend and gave it a solid heart and a thoughtful mind. In an age when music was becoming dominated by completely unbelievable faux rock, the band disposed of clichés and focused on unbiased creativity.”

The Summer of 2001 saw the release of their first full-length LP, United By Fate which was greeted with great critical acclaim. Within a year after touring the states the band started work on “Found” which is essentially a logical step from the raw yet thoughtful work on United By Fate. Each band member had solo projects and other bands they were part of and the band drifted apart. They reunited in 2011 and released Pedals and began touring again. They went back and revisited the abandoned material and decided to release “Found” in 2013.

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