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Designer and illustrator Mac Conner is a real-life Mad Men who worked for years for The Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping.

Part of Neeley Associates, he worked on advertising for clients as diverse as United Airlines, U.S. Army Recruiting, General Motors and Greyhound Lines WWII Navy training ads and posters and is considered one the the greats whose legacy and influence is still felt today.

Mac Conner: A New York Life opens at the Museum of the City of New York on 10 September.

2016_60 Where-is-Mary-Smith_Mac-Conner_1950_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpgMac9Hold-on-Tight_Mac-Conner_1958_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpgKiller-in-the-Club_Mac-Conner_1954_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpgMac2Mac8Strictly-Respectable_Mac-Conner_1953_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpgThere-is-Death-for-Rememberance_Mac-Conner_1953_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpgWe-Won't-Be-Any-Trouble_Mac-Conner_1953_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpgtopLet's-Take-a-Trip-Up-the-Nile_Mac-Conner_1950_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpg



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