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Paradox City


Japanese photographer Shin Noguchi is a master of street photography. See a lot of inspiring work on his website.


“I always try to capture this reality beyond my own values and perspective.”‘Sorry, You’ll Never Walk Alone’ was aimed at capturing the contradictions of the contemporary world – while human nature tells us to be with the others, we’ve created complex societies that make the individuals feel alienated like never before. However, it seems like at the same time it is not possible to actually have a moment on your own in this vigorous and busy world. “There must be someone in the society keeping an eye on your struggle for living. Street photography always displays the truth. The truth I talk about isn’t necessarily what I can see, but what also exists in society, on the street, in people’s life. I always try to capture this reality beyond my own values and perspective.”

Shin_Noguchi_Photography_2 Shin_Noguchi_Photography_4 Shin_Noguchi_Photography_5 Shin_Noguchi_Photography6 Shin_Noguchi_Photography7 Shin_Noguchi_Photography8 Shin_Noguchi_Photography11 Shin_Noguchi_Photography12 Shin_Noguchi_Photography14


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