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Painting the Photograph | Helen Sear

Helen Sear is an innovator of sorts combining ideas that come from painting with the use of traditional photo techniques. The results are spectacular and memorable.

“The pictures are made up of the combination of two photographs, one superimposed over the other in the computer. I erase part of the top image through a process of drawing with a pen and tablet across the whole surface of the image. The women turning away and the landscapes were initially referring to the romantic tradition of painting where the figure is often pictured immersed in the landscape. The images are also an attempt to consider a gendered perspective in which disrupts the usually seamless perfection of the photographic surface. One half of the one image is erased to partially reveal the other, neither seen in their entirety.

It explores ideas of vision, touch and the representation of the nature of experience, demonstrating an enduring interest in landscape in relation to both the human and the animal body,” says Sear.


Helen-SearHelen-SearHelen-SearHelen-SearHelen-SearHelen-SearHelen-SearSear-H.Beyond The View 3Sear-H.Beyond The View 4Sear-H.Beyond The View 8

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