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Over the Moon


Brooklyn, artist Rithika Merchant has a new show entitled Luna Tabulatorum that will be running from September 3rd until October 15th. Visit the Stephen Romano Gallery website to learn more.opening


“The moon and the sun are the foundations on which many of the world’s ancient religions have been founded. […] The monthly cycle of the moon has also been linked to the menstrual cycle by many cultures. There are links between the words for menstruation and moon in many languages. I see the moon as a meaningful universal object that links humanity by its importance, its presence, and its significance. Being particularly interested in creating links between cultures, the moon has been a very enlightening muse.”

1.-Selenography 2.The-Council-of-Choice 3.-Howl 4.-Lunatic 5.-Orbiter 6.-High-Priestess 7.-Genesis 8.-Queen-of-Life-and-Death-1 10.-Lycanthropy 11.-The-Moon-Devours-Her-Children 12.-Lilit-Births-The-Djinn 14.-Syzygy 15.-Sacred-MoonFertile-Crescent




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