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Nestawedjat lived about 2700 years ago and was five feet five inches tall and lived in the Egyptian city of Thebes. She and another 25 or so mummies have been passed through a Dual Energy CT scanner at Royal Brompton Hospital in London. Six of these scans and the resultant 3-D modeling are featured in the traveling exhibition Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives, which premieres at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum this week.

“We wanted to take visitors as close to the truth as science allows us to get,” explains Daniel Antoine, the British Museum’s Curator of Physical Anthropology. “The CT scan itself lasts 30 seconds, but it takes thousands of hours to segment the layers, to identify where the skin ends and textile begins. It was a labor of love.”1c39992f77c1ad39214d7083b47a38ad86b94d12de7368fd2b68d263811624411131b916c8eb11ca625fd5b641de1fb26909e2db32558e21b8366b5e301418e1bd7173b830fb924e9951171da0f42b8cfb698f22ad6f9810bf039df99f27d048

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