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“The series ‘Nephews’, by photographer Fryd Frydendahl, speaks to that particular kind of artistic and personal maturation that occurs in the face of a life-altering incident. ‘Nephews’ is an ongoing collaboration between the artist and the two young boys her sister left behind upon passing. Fryd is neither mother nor sister nor aunt to the boys – the relationship is something else entirely that has no common name.”

“I started working on the nephews project about  six years ago. My sister had passed three years prior and had left behind these two boys. I started photographing them because i missed her and needed to establish some way of keeping her close. A selfish need and lack of acceptance of what had happened. Through out the years the project has developed into a collaboration between the boys and myself, a collaboration in life. What started as a some what selfish need to fulfill my own void, has turned into a communication across age, geographic s, emotional barriers and through a lot of love. It is turning into a document of time and a family story about growing up and doing it together.”


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