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More Minimal

Photographer and filmmaker Sinziana Velicescu reflects the minimalism of her Los Angeles home in this series of images called On the Periphery.

Velicescu says: “To me, photography is a form of meditation that helps me cope with an otherwise extremely stressful lifestyle bound by deadlines and traffic. I am also a strong believer in chance encounters and I see the city as a living specimen: some days are better than others, some streets are better than others.”

2012_28 Sinziana-Velicescu-01-1-1050x1050 Sinziana-Velicescu-02-1050x1050 Sinziana-Velicescu-03-1050x1050 Sinziana-Velicescu-04-1050x1050 Sinziana-Velicescu-05-1050x1050 Sinziana-Velicescu-06-1050x1050 Sinziana-Velicescu-07-1050x1050 Sinziana-Velicescu-08-1050x1050 Sinziana-Velicescu-09-1050x1050 Sinziana-Velicescu-11-1050x1050 Sinziana-Velicescu-12-1050x1050 Sinziana-Velicescu-14-1050x1050

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