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We breathe these things in and eat them no doubt without knowing that entire hidden worlds exist in the air and water around us. These are mostly shots of various forms of pollen but the three at the end are human cells. All photos by Steve Gschmeissner.

For anyone involved in microscopy the SEM is the ultimate boy’s toy. Costing between £100,000 and £500,000, there are only a handful of people around the world who have access to this for fun. To be able to use this equipment is a dream come true.

The SEM picks up basically where the normal light microscope finishes. And it takes it so much further by magnifying the specimen by up to a million times. Also different to a regular microscope is the fact the SEM builds a 3D image using electrons giving you a unique view.

Steve-Gschmeissner06 Steve-Gschmeissner01Steve-Gschmeissner02Steve-Gschmeissner03Steve-Gschmeissner04Steve-Gschmeissner05Steve-Gschmeissner07Steve-Gschmeissner08Steve-Gschmeissner09Steve-Gschmeissner10glomerulusinthekidneymimosa_antherolive_leaforchid_flower


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