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Martin Kollár

Martin Kollár


Slovakian photographer and filmmaker Martin Kollár currently lives and works in Bratislava. Quite often photography exists to sell something or refers back to itself and to what is expected to be “beautiful.” Rarely, as we see here in Kollar’s work does it create a feeling and a sense of dissolution and drift.

“I grew up during Communism and we find ourselves fighting endless variations of disintegration and the void left behind by the abandoned old dogmas. We find ourselves in a complex world without a sense of permanence and certainty. We surround ourselves with temporary friends, we have temporary women, we have temporary tooth replacement and we prefer temporary residencies to permanent address. Provisional Arrangements is a project concerned with situations which contain an element of uncertainty and mystery. It will be a photographic record/portrayal capturing the disintegration of permanence into temporary and the provisional.”

Cadca, Slovkia 2004

Kuks, Czech 2003

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