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Mark Laita – Created Equal

Around this office we obviously talk about diversity a lot. When we came across LA based photographer, Mark Laita’s new work for his book CREATED EQUAL, this touched on a lot of these issues in a stunning visual study. It has a ‘warts-and-all’ type of approach and contrasts the clash between conservatives and liberals, rich and poor, young and old… you get the idea. The diptychs juxtapose the ideas of success and failures all while being fiercely American, something of which Laita is very proud.

Mark-Laita-11 Mark-Laita-10 Mark-Laita-9 Mark-Laita-8 Mark-Laita-7 Mark-Laita-6 Mark-Laita-5 Mark-Laita-4 Mark-Laita-3 Mark-Laita-2 Mark-Laita-1

Created Equal is published through Steidl and available here on Amazon. Essay by Ingrid Sischy.

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