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Lori Larusso | Imagined Spaces

Call it 3-D painting, or cut-out sculpture, the wonderful work of Lori Larusso takes on the concerns of 3-D and negative space. Like the master tableau maker and filmmaker Wes Anderson, Larusso carves out memorable living spaces that float or hover against the wall. They are funny, sometimes nostalgic and at other times manage to take on the presence of well-realized ambiguity.  Her work of interior house shots take us into a world of set direction and architectural model making.

The resulting shapes that hover above the walls often create a sense of abstraction that is remarkable to behold. She has two new shows upcoming in a few weeks. One will be at Porter/Contemporary in New York from Sept 12th through Oct 12th and also in Cincinnati, Ohio at the 1305 Gallery from Sept 27th through Oct 27th.


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