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Lego Photo Project Collaboration

Commercial photographer Dean West has an obsession with the mythic world of the empty Western deserts of the United States. Inspired by Edward Hopper (and obviously Gregory Crewdson) West was looking for a collaborator when he happened upon the amazing large scale 3-D LEGO sculptures of artist Nathan Sawaya recently featured here on the Blend Blog. West contacted Sawaya and asked if he were interested in taking a classic American road trip. West scouted out locations and later went back and added models and digitally added in sculptures Sawaya made for each image in the series of seven images they call “In Pieces.”  See if you can’t discover the lego sculptures in each image or go to the original post and see them on a much larger scale.

“The time travelling really set a great foundation for us to become comfortable in expressing out ideas and allowed us to define what it was we really wanted to say,” West wrote.




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