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Lee Jeong Lok

Photos by Lee Jeong Lok. HE uses Korean Hangeul characters illuminated by strobe light. “In this project, I intend to see phonetic letters of Hangeul as ideograms and hieroglyphs, in order to unravel meanings of nature from them and communicate. By observing nature, and furthermore empathizing with it, its linguistic essence can be recognized and visualized into Hangeul symbols.

Light was used to express linguistic features containing complex elements of voice, wave, shape and more. Strobe light was used during long-exposed state so that certain forms will glow with light, and to emphasize the feeling of breath, aura and wave, light smearing effect was used.”

2016_79 Lee-Jeonglok02Lee-Jeonglok04Lee-Jeonglok05Lee-Jeonglok06Lee-Jeonglok07Lee-Jeonglok08Lee-Jeonglok09Lee-Jeonglok10Lee-Jeonglok113690875569_94BJfg1n_053690875569_m7qvKLxD_243690875569_SgaCA8H3_153690875569_V8hrN9Ad_21

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