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Katy Grannan | A Master of the Portrait

Yale MFA graduate Katy Grannan is garnering quite a stellar reputation of late. Her work is featured in this month’a Harper’s Magazine and she has exhibited widely. Her work was selected for the 2004 Whitney Biennial,  shows at MOMA, and a dozen other major museums across the  country and Europe. Her work is often compared to photographers such as Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin. A review of her 2009 London exhibition, The Westerns, described her work as “never less than intriguing” with “an other worldliness here that sets her apart from her influences.”

This series of photographs are her portraits from California. Her subjects are often street people, the Hollywood Boulevard type. The hardscrabble, the down and out. There is a remarkable sense of pathos to these images, the wear and tear of lives lived at the edge of society. Grannan captures something original and immutable in these portraits, something ineffable that you can almost put your finger on but not quite.

Katy Grannan is represented by Greenberg Van Doren Gallery and Salon 94 in New York, and Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco. Commissions are managed by Fred & Associates.

 Her book of prints entitled “Boulevard” is reasonably priced on Amazon.


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