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Kate Steciw

Kate Steciw


Photographer, digital artist Kate Steciw uses original photographs to obtain shapes and textures she then recombines and prints and exhibits as 2D or has the images printed on cotton material and fashioned into 3D sculptures. Going on the assumption that originality comes honestly from everything that has gone on before, Steciw eschews the cult of the new and allows accidents to happen.


“My work is about my life, I’m obsessed with images and taking and saving and creating a connection with how I deal with images in my day to day world,” she says. Her two newest series of work Shapes of Things were exhibited at the Brand New Gallery in Milan and Things of Shapes at Neumeister Bar-Am in Berlin. The artist says, “Right now feels like a very liberating time to be working with images, I’m happy for that because I’ve always felt a little estranged from the photography world.”


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