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Jessica Brilli


Some oil paintings from artist Jessica Brilli.

“My latest series is inspired by vintage slides, and photographs. One set in this series is selected from a collection of slides that were given to me by a woman I met at a yard sale. Having had no direct experience with the images, the process of painting them takes on a different dimension; like borrowing memories and elaborating, editing, or directing stories that intersect and combine the knowledge and assumptions of two people who are strangers to each other.” Via: Ignant

2016-01-28_56aa6aa7e5ac8_IG_4-1340x813 2016-01-28_56aa6aa7e5b2a_ig_5 2016-01-28_56aa6aa7e5b90_IG_6-1340x1001 2016-01-28_56aa6aa7e5bf0_ig1-1340x1008 2016-01-28_56aa6aa7e59f1_ig_2-1340x1333 diver motel NAM_mall novasm novato_final P1090945 PA_final suburbia swimmers



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