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Jean-François De Witte

Jean-François De Witte

Advertising photographer Jean-François De Witte has left quite a legacy of work behind him and now art critic Klaus Speidel and artist Benjamin Hugard have created the book: Sparkling Past, designed by Clovis Duran, that seeks to uncover the non-digital processes and some studio magic rather than added on and layered effects.

Klaus and Benjamin explain that, “as opposed to computer-generated visuals, an analogue publicity image is – no less than a Renaissance statue – the result of a struggle between matter and the will to create”.

But “Let’s face it,” say Klaus and Benjamin, “there are flowers by Jean-François De Witte that are no less appealing than those captured by Robert Mapplethorpe, and chiaroscuro of his dishwashers evokes those of Flemish painting. Putting on display the prototypes of these creations, we reveal the considerable appeal of originals whose aesthetic is now being recycled by the art world.”

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