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Isabel M. Martinez

Isabel M. Martinez

Some selections from photographer Isabel M. Martinez‘s series Quantum Blink.  She explains the series by saying:

“According to quantum mechanics we have forty conscious moments per second, and our brains connect this sequence of nows to create the illusion of the flow of time. So, what would things look like if that intermittence was made visible? This body of work explores that hiccup, that blink, that ubiquitous fissure in the falling-into-place of things.”

She describes this saying: “As an artist, I am interested in the aspects of experience where the real, the known, and the imagined collide. Perception is a recurring theme within my practice, and has become a foundation for me to explore ideas that reflect on notions of time, space, simultaneity and duration. My interpretations are informed in part by science, philosophy and fiction. Experimentation and process are at the forefront of much of my work, at times resulting in ambiguous narratives and hybrid exercises.”  ( via ignant )

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