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Inflatable Spaces

Penique productions was born in Barcelona in 2007. It is a collective of artists of different disciplines focused on a common project which is based on the idea of making ephemeral installations. They use giant inflatable balloons that completely dominate and transform the buildings and rooms where they are placed. A series of fans keeps pressure on the inflatable which then seeps out between columns and the open spaces. Cristo and his wife have used similar materials to create these effects, especially when they wrapped the Reichstag in Berlin. But this inflatable idea has an almost opposite effect because the balloon creates new spaces and changes the shapes of the interiors as well as the exteriors.

“The starting point of each project is the selection of a location, which will be the place where to build a unique and customized piece. An inflatable balloon expands and invades the space completely by itself. The balloon grows until it fills the whole space and becomes part of the existing architecture. The air, acting like the structure, presses against the plastic that faces the outline of the solid space thereby shaping the final form. ”


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