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Germany-based freelance photographer Matthias Haker takes as his subject matter the grand and abandoned spaces of the world, such as mansions, castles, grand villas that show off the resplendent glory of faded empires and a long forgotten aristocracy.

These images are from Haker’s  Impermanence series. He specifically hides the real names and addresses of these places in order to better protect them from vandalism.

2016_337 matthiashaker1 (1) matthiashaker1 matthiashaker2 (1) matthiashaker2 matthiashaker3 matthiashaker4 matthiashaker5 (1) matthiashaker5 matthiashaker6 matthiashaker7 (1) matthiashaker7 matthiashaker9 matthiashaker12 matthiashaker13 matthiashaker19 matthiashaker20 matthiashaker22 matthiashaker23

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