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Imagined Worlds


Matthew Albanese could probably be working as a model maker in Hollywood given his ability to create believable small-scale worlds out of the most common materials. He uses powdered cinnamon, steel wool, cotton, and a host of other spices and common household items to craft his remarkable dioramas. You might be asking, why would someone go to all the trouble to recreate natural phenomenon when he could just as easily shoot the real thing? I imagine that creating these worlds is a lot more fun and interesting than snapping the real thing. Check out the results for yourself.

“My work involves the construction of small-scale meticulously detailed models using various materials and objects to create emotive landscapes. Every aspect from the construction to the lighting of the final model is painstakingly pre-planned using methods which force the viewers perspective when photographed from a specific angle. Using a mixture of photographic techniques such as scale, depth of field, white balance and lighting I am able to drastically alter the appearance of my materials.”


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