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High Places | “Original Colors” | Thrill Jockey Records


On their third studio album the Brooklyn, now LA based duo of electronic wizard Rob Barber and singer Mary Pearson have produced their most consistently approachable release to date. This is a disc that can be put on and simply played through. Not a bad song in the bunch. High Places are known for their quirky and yet complex dubby beats.  The consistent dialog between the duo over the span of three albums is always through rhythmic and melodic ambient space. The two mix their particular internal rhythms with a long-standing love of UK and US dance sensibilities such as that of UK garage, drum and bass, Chicago/NYC house, Detroit techno, dub reggae, and electro dancehall. This is a unique sound that does not sound at all like the trendy but forgettable glut of Animal Collective/Hot Chip noise disco bands that seem to have temporarily taken over.”There’s something more playful/less dire at heart, carefree melodies with a concerted infusion of pan-global sounds and percussive tics, from Polynesian, polyrhythmic steel drum sounds to laptop-enhanced tribal grooves(Stereogum). Give Original Colors a listen on Amazon, itunes, or Other Music Digital downloads.
There is a dearth of videos availible. Here are a few, but the complexity of the sound is better heard on real speakers or headphones. You lose a lot on the treble forward speakers on most laptops.

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