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Grays the Mountain Sends | Bryan Schutmaat


Photographer Bryan Schutmaat has been on a wandering journey through the western half of the US. The people in his pictures look worn down and tired by their labors and no doubt the land itself has had a huge effect. There are no groups or scenes of celebrations and interaction. Here we have people in portraits who are alone and landscapes with battered buildings. The countryside is pristine but there is always a scar of human habitation marring the beauty that might have made the image ordinary and banal. In his own words:

Grays the Mountain Sends:
“This project combines portraits, landscapes, and still lifes in a series of photos that explores the lives of working people residing in small mountain towns and mining communities in the American West. Equipped with a large format view camera, and inspired by the poetry of Richard Hugo, I’ve aimed to hint at narratives and relay the experiences of strangers met in settings that spur my own emotions. Ultimately, this body of work is a meditation on small town life, the landscape, and more importantly, the inner landscapes of common men.”

Born 1983, Houston, TX. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY
MFA in photography, Hartford Art School, West Hartford, CT, 2012
BA in history, University of Houston, Houston, TX, 2009
Partial Publication List
Dwell, The Wire, Inc., Telegraph UK, New York Times, Esquire Russia, Aesthetica, Smith Journal, Exit, Vogue
Girl Korea, CNN, Houston Chronicle, AARP, Spot, Tendencias, The Collector’s Guide to Emerging Art Photography,
among others.

Bryan-Schutmaat-Grays-the-Mountain SendsBryan-Schutmaat-Grays-the-Mountain SendsBryan-Schutmaat-Grays-the-Mountain SendsBryan-Schutmaat-Grays-the-Mountain SendsBryan-Schutmaat-Grays-the-Mountain Sends

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