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Ghost Town

These “ghost cities” as they are called dot the landscape in China and show that the unprecedented  growth and building is sometimes due to a false sense of economy that is now coming to see the light with the economic slowdown taking place.

Raphael Olivier went to Ordos, Inner Mongolia, which is known as the largest Chinese “ghost town”and discovered an entire city had been built for people who don’t exist. In this case, besides the giant and deserted apartment high-rise buildings he found complete sports stadiums and practice fields, as well as libraries, government centers–all the things that a real city might be expected to contain.

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  • This is just hype. Ordos is not a ghost city. China builds cities top down. does a really excellent and insightful job of explaining the hype, especially in the new book the blog owner, Wade Shepherd has put out called “Ghost Cities of China.” I really recommend it for more accurate journalism.

    January 15, 2016 at 5:29 pm

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