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Geo Jungle Gym

A backyard birthday staple, the inflatable playground has been entertaining kids for decades. The Austrian-Croation art collective known as Numen/For Use have designed one with adults in mind, not too mention those who admire and love modern architecture.

Via the project site:

When the volume deflates, the ropes get loose and lay on the ground enabling compression of the installation. When the object inflates, the ropes tense to a perfect line again, strained enough to carry the weight of a human being. Bodies entrapped in 3D grid, flying in unnatural positions throughout superficial white space, resemble Dadaist collages. Impossibility of perception of scale and direction results in simultaneous feeling of immenseness and absence of space.

2016_123 numen-4numen-7numen-2numen-3numen-8numen-5numen-6

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