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Forest by Candlelight | Benoit Paillé

Canadian photographer Benoit Paillé’s has a large body of very original work from snapshots on the Moscow subway to the Rainbow Gathering. He also produces what he calls “light experiments.” When he says experiment he’s doing a little more than overlaying multiple exposures and placing odd square light boxes in the middle of darkened landscapes. In the case of this series Paillé dropped acid and headed into the woods. Using only a candle for light he took four and five minute exposures.  He calls them “a meditation about the holism of nature surrounding me,” which is pretty much how you’d expect a photographer high on LSD might describe his process. It’s hard to deny the rich tones and unearthly light. Visit Paillé’s website and take a longer look at this very talented young photographers body of work. Benoit Paillé.com

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