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Floating Souls

In 2005 French artist Christophe Avella-Bagur began a series of paintings and drawings he calls Floating Souls (FS) an ongoing project some of which is on exhibit through May 31 at Galerie Richard in New York. This exhibition shows moving faces and movement over time with surreal disfigurement as a motif.

Take a look at his latest work below.

2016_105 14047860631_d20a8286bf_b14047868382_9df9c14f41_b14047868442_bd1fa299e4_b14051064335_36d512d155_zwp9b2a97eewp5e9057d8vv4vv314071079723_d0de0fa89b_b14047860631_d20a8286bf_bvv1vv214047926221_82d90ffa37_z14047926781_62877de71e_b




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