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Fashion Beneath the Surface

South African fashion designer Joel Janse Van Vurren decided to do something unusual to create an editorial record of his spring-summer collection. He called up photographer Ilse Moore and asked her how she felt about shooting underwater. Using creative director Elsa Bleda as a model they had her don fashionable gowns that flowed and swirled around her body.

Van Vurren and Bleda worked together with makeup Artist Liezl Zene Oberholzer to create this photo shoot. Set against a completely black background, the small, rippling waves and tiny bubbles are small reminders that the model is floating in a submerged environment. According to the artist’s bio, all of his designs “reflect his exploration of beauty and fashion in the 21st century.””

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  • Just jaw droppingly incredible! I love how they capture the colours here so vividly, even with the water! And the reflections, oh, everything is just so stunning!

    October 2, 2013 at 3:32 am

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