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Evgenia Arbugaeva

Evgenia Arbugaeva

We’ve featured the work of amazing Siberian photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva, before on Blend Blog, but these is from a new series entitled Amani, taken it was is now the nearly deserted Amani Malaria Research Station in East Africa, that is still maintained by a devoted former assistant, John Mganga. The crumbling facility was first built in the late 1900’s by German colonists in a cloud forest on a hilltop in northeastern Tanzania famed for its plethora of biodiversity.

After WWI, the British converted the station into the leading malaria research site in British Africa, hosting scientists and researchers from across the world in their quest to better comprehend, control and prevent the conditions that breed Malaria and other tropical diseases. The facility was abandoned by the Brits in the 1970’s, but John Mganga remained.

Evgenia spent two months shooting the site, working with anthropologists from the “Traces of the Future project or ESRC.


Evgenia Arbugaeva: Amani is on show from 5 May until 18 June at The Photographers’ Gallery, London.

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