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Everday Africa

Everday Africa

Photography collective Everday Africa was created in 2012 by photojournalist Peter DiCampo and writer Austin Merrill, in an attempt to document daily life in all of Africa by a coterie of amateur and pro photographers. The Instagram account currently has over 300 thousand followers and is growing each day. the account has become a bigger movement to demonstrate the shades of life that pulse throughout Africa, a continent so often overlooked by mainstream media.

“We both realized how frustrated we were with the fact that we had confined ourselves to such a narrow view of the country. It happened naturally: we started shooting with our phones and we captured real moments,” DiCampo shares. “It was refreshing because the pictures we were taking veered away from the pre-conceived narrative; and in some ways this idea of broadening the context of imagery taken in West Africa shone through.”

More than just an Instagram account, Everyday Africa is expanding its reach, with educational programs in the US and Africa and a forthcoming book. Currently available for pre-sale, Everyday Africa: 30 Photographers Re-Picturing a Continent, contains over 300 images that speak to the reimagined landscape of Africa and includes some of the comments and commentary of the Instagram feed.

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