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Ethereal Nudes




Here is a selection of images from fine art photographer Brooke Shaden from her aptly titled Fine Art Nude series.

This is a quotefrom an  interview with Ezra Magazine,

“I have always had a fascination with dark art and anything that made me think outside of my normal spectrum. To me, darkness is something that so many people shy away from because it forces us to question things that we often need not think about. It allows us to access a part of ourselves that might not get let out all the time, but when it does, it frees us from our fears.” (Source)

Visit Shaden’s website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page

an_unsung_song chrysalis frozen_in_water how_to_reach_your_potential incomplete the_blood_that_veins_carry the_nowhere_land the_peaceful_place the_sleeping_mountains traveling_north 6419225155_2a4c48877a_z 6818875498_a0ac86c991_z 8278501014_e5d38e6ef2_z 17145790102_62d0377bb0_z



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