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Down Below

Klaus Leidor-Aerial-Archaeologist-German-Photographer

Klaus Leidorf calls himself an aerial archaeologist and is also a pilot of a Cesna 172 from which he takes stunning photographs. Starting his project back in 1989 he used a Contax camera which did not give him much detail. Now he uses a DSLR camera, an EOS 1DS Mark III and EOS Mark II camera to take this incredabely detailed images.

“When I’m flying and see things from above, I don’t care anymore about the small things. It gives me peace”,” – he explains.

aerial-photography-klaus-leidorf-9Klaus Leidor-Aerial-Archaeologist-German-PhotographerKlaus Leidor-Aerial-Archaeologist-German-Photographeraerial-photography-klaus-leidorf-13Klaus Leidor-Aerial-Archaeologist-German-Photographeraerial-photography-klaus-leidorf-1aerial-photography-klaus-leidorf-3aerial-photography-klaus-leidorf-6aerial-photography-klaus-leidorf-8aerial-photography-klaus-leidorf-10aerial-photography-klaus-leidorf-18aerial-photography-klaus-leidorf-thumb640Klaus Leidor-Aerial-Archaeologist-German-PhotographerKlaus Leidor-Aerial-Archaeologist-German-Photographer

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