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Dona Nelson

For thirty years Donna Nelson has been perfecting her art and technique. In the beginning she was a figurative painter  but over the years she has evolved into abstraction although abstraction with  recognizable figurative elements.  She is a physical painter as was Pollack. She gestures and the sweep of her arm is apparent in the often long arcs of her brush work. She is starting to be considered a major painter and her work sought after by collectors.

2016_98 nelsonhigh-2tumblr_mlkd5lsYUO1qza0pko1_128012013-12-17-Nelson5408691570_25ba600904_bdn-antonia-front-1dn-blue-cdn-spacey-characters-1dn-two-days-in-july-front-1IMG_0117IMG_4691mib3



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