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Edoardo Flores is the son of a hotel manager and has traveled far and wide. These are some selections from his over 9000 signs from 190 different countries.

Afonso V Hotel. Aveiro. Portugal - 6478. All images courtesy of Edoardo Flores

Some of the signs in Flores’s collectionapproximate the typeface and design of what one imagines the average DND sign to be. But this assembly also demonstrates the human interest in aesthetics beyond functionality. Some of the highlights: a sign from Hungary that approximates a Rorschach inkblot — are those lips and a finger or something













Château-Fort-de-Sedan.-France-7464 Chaweng-Resort.-Koh-Samui.-Thailand-8673 Codan-Hotel.-Copenhagen.-Denmark-7329 Coral-Bay-Resort-Spa.-Koh-Samui.-Thailand-6022 Hotelito-Casa-Las-Tortugas.-Isla-Holbox.-Mexico-8021 Hungar-Hotels.-Hungary-0367 InterContinental.-Prague.-Czech-Republic-2546 Kirkwood-Hotel.-Des-Moines.-USA-4041 Lufthansa.-Germany-4258 Ramboda-Falls-Hotel.-Ramboda.-Sri-Lanka-6908 The-Chedi.-Muscat.-Oman-8720 Toba-Hotel-International.-Toba-City.-Japan-7757 Unknown.-France-1313 Unknown.-Spain-1089

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