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Deserted States of America | Rob Hann

Photographer¬†Rob Hann’s photo series “Deserted States of America” is a long way from the town of Salisbury in the UK, where he grew up. A commercial as well as art photographer Hann has been commissioned by Nike and many record companies. His work has also been featured in many magazines and newspapers.

Rob explains his love affair with the US, “The deserts of the American West hold a particular fascination for me. Born and raised in England’s green and pleasant land, I’ve lived in busy, crowded cities since my late teens. The vast open spaces of the West are a place of silence, wonder and mystery. I like to get lost there whenever I can.

Over the following years I lived and worked in Austin, Texas, New York City, Milan, Paris and London again before returning to New York where I’ve lived since 2003. I kept myself busy with a great variety of jobs before becoming a photographer and shot my first commission,a portrait of Lydia Lunch, in 1993.”


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    I met you in new york city, were i bought you 2 pictures. i’m on your web site, and i love your work . it breath a great nostalgy of the great AMERICA and an era vanished. it shows also american people in their diversity, the deep america. bravo…… sorry for my poor english language. Pierre FUNCK (S t Maur FRANCE)

    May 18, 2013 at 8:18 am

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