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David Kassan

Painter David Kassan uses his skills to create photorealistic portraits using backgrounds that he uses from photographs he takes all over NYC that document graffiti, street art, advertising and add a context to the emotional expressions.

I want my paintings to give the viewer a true sense of reality – that includes but is not limited to depth, scale and a tactile surface as well as the real sense of what the subject looks like and is feeling at the time that I painted them. There should be a discourse between the viewer and the subject, to feel as though they are in a way connected. My goal is not to set a narrative but rather to have the viewer bring their own experiences to the painting and the subject as they would if they had seen the subject on the street in real life.

2016_39 david-kassan01david-kassan02david-kassan03david-kassan05david-kassan06david-kassan07david-kassan08


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