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Dance Performance Using Projection Mapping


Projection mapping is a new and innovative addition to the lexicon of post-modern dance. Interactive new media design company Ultra Combos has teamed up with Taiwanese dance company Anarchy Dance Theater to produce an interactive dance experience that is a feast for the eyes. In this model the audience is part and parcel of the performance. This new technology allows all movement, whether they be performers or audience members to actively change the nature, color, intensity and patterns of the accompanied light show.

The audiovisual performance titled Seventh Sense utilizes the practice of projection mapping to allow both the dancers’ and audience’s movements to be detected. The projected light reacts to all motion, accordingly. Every individual in the performance venue is a participant that contributes to modifying the visual spectrum of the room that ranges from soft ripples to visual space alterations.

Check out the video, below, to get a glimpse of the performance in action.


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