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Copywriter vs. Art Director

It’s not exactly a war between the copywriter and the art director, but they do seem to come from different planets. Here is a series of clever illustrations, well…that illustrate in a witty way the differences between these two occupations.

While a copywriter will always have a way with words, armed with the job of creating copy to market products, an art director must convey a concise vision. They’re the ones in charge of the overall visual appearance, tasked to create a mood. Whether you’re currently in one of these professions or not, they’re guaranteed to provide a hearty chuckle or two.

cw-versus-adcw-versus-adcopywriter-vs-art-directorcopywriter-vs-art-directorcopywriter-vs-art-directorcopywriter-vs-art-directorcopywriter-vs-art-directorcopywriter-vs-art-directorcopywriter-vs-art-directorcopywriter-vs-art-directorcopywriter-vs-art-directorcopywriter-vs-art-directorcopywriter-vs-art-director cwversusad13copy-writer-vs-art-directorcopy-writer-vs-art-directorcopy-writer-vs-art-directorcopy-writer-vs-art-directorcopy-writer-vs-art-directorcopy-writer-vs-art-director

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